Schulz Employees Complete Intensive 2 Day Training

August 29, 2008

The end of August wrapped up an intensive training program for the employees of Schulz Electric.  The training was on Toshiba Motors and Drives.

Toshiba: Raising the Bar

The Toshiba Corporation has recently declared the Schulz Electric Company an exclusive distributor, creating a partnership that will help both companies grow and expand in the future. Toshiba put on a two day seminar that has successfully equipped the staff at Schulz Electric Company with a vast array of knowledge and tools to help meet customer demands. Company representatives impressed all attendees by providing clear and easy to follow information about their product line, without the confusing details.

 The seminar introduced the Schulz employees to the functions and features of new product lines offered by Toshiba, including the G9 series of drives. The G9 industrial duty drives come in a range of voltage strengths and other customizable options that are designed to fit the unique needs of the customer.  

Seminar attendants can't say enough about the quality personnel sent from Toshiba. Intelligent, responsive, "hands on", and accommodating are just a few of the adjectives chosen to describe the learning experience. Factory application engineers took apart several motors from other manufacturers to show firsthand the superior design and quality of their products. The presenters even expressed the willingness to take orders for products that have not been designed yet or in production; now that's innovation!     

With such a positive impression left by the Toshiba group, the sales people at Schulz are eager to go out and promote Toshiba products to all their customers. It appears that this cooperative distribution partnership is here to stay for years to come.