Green Egg Robotics Wins Second World VRC Championship!

March 09, 2012

Schulz Electric Company has proudly sponsored the high school team, Green Egg Robotics for the past few years. Once again, these high school students proved to be exceptional and won their second World VRC Championship!

On April 16, 2011 Green Egg Robotics became the first high school team to have won 2 VRC World Tournament Championships. They now have won three world championship titles in three years having won the World Robot Skills title in 2010 along with a pair of World tournament titles in 2009 and 2011.  In addition the team won the Science Division Amaze Award this year for their unique design and construction of their robot Fred IV.  The 2011 event was held near Orlando, Florida at the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.  Over 10,000 participants competed at the college, high school and middle school levels.  416 of the top qualified Vex teams representing 10 countries competed this year at Disney in the high school division.

Before an energized capacity filled stands, the Green Egg captained alliance (WASABI and Simbotics M) from Science division battled the Math Division championship alliance of Voc. Antonio Luchetti-Advanced, The Pioneers and the DiscoBots D.  The series finished in 2 matches in the best of 3 series with the Science Division champions taking the title.

In 2010, Green Egg Robotics finished as World Finalists as the top placing US team and won the World Robot Skills Championship.  In 2009 the team won the VRC World Championship Tournament and were awarded the World Build Award.


This tournament capped a very successful driving, programming and building career for James who will be graduating from High School this year to attend college.  He may be back in a part-time mentor's role next year along with Josef.  Leland and Kieran will continue on with their roles as designers, builders and drivers.  They will be taking on programming as well next year.


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