2017 Motor and EDG Seminar Dates for Nuclear Facility Personnel Announced

May 03, 2017

Two sessions have been scheduled: June 22nd & 23rd and September 13th & 14th; the first day of each session is a full day (7:30 AM until NLT 5 PM), and the second day is a half day (7:30 AM until NLT Noon). The training is held at 30 Gando Drive in New Haven, CT.

Schulz Electric’s Motor/EDG Training for Nuclear Plant Personnel is designed specifically for nuclear-plant personnel who deal with any motor topics.  Our goal is to enable attendees to become confident, knowledgeable decision makers in the areas of electric motor repair and replacement and emergency diesel generator repair.

CEUs are available for those who attend and achieve a score of 75% or higher on the final assessment.  In addition, nuclear-industry training recommendations for motor-program owners will be used to structure several modules of the seminar (but the seminar will remain at a technical level comfortable for personnel whose duties might not be centered solely on motor programs, such as personnel in Purchasing, Procurement Engineering, etc.).


Upon completion, participants will be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Recognize the differences and similarities among, and discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of, the most common motor/EDG enclosures; recognize the common nameplate ratings of motors and EDGs; and, explain the significance of machine ratings as used by various manufacturers.
  2. Explain how thermal insulation classes are established for electrical insulation systems used in motors and EDGs, and the effects of motor/EDG applications on the thermal longevity of these systems.
  3. Discuss the common tests and inspections (visual, electrical, and mechanical) performed on motors and EDGs and explain how results are interpreted
  4. Discuss common motor repair items and explain the methods commonly used to carry out corrective actions while maintaining configuration control.
  5. Recognize the common types of bearings and explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.
  6. Explain the methodologies used for environmental qualification of motors’ electrical insulation systems and for dedication of motors and their subcomponents. 

A sampling of past attendees' comments: 

  • "One of the best seminars I've attended."

  • "Very comprehensive, useful training. I learned and saw a lot. I'm recommending this class to other engineers."

  • "Excellent overview of motor repair/testing"

  • "Great real-time examples/operating experience"

  • "The visual aids and access to the shop provide an excellent learning experience."

    Our motor seminars have been attended by representatives of most of the nuclear utilities in the U.S.; in fact, those utilities which have sent attendees have almost always sent additional attendees to later seminars, showing the value that participating utilities have found here. Please note that these seminars are strictly limited to those in the nuclear power industry!

    How to Register: 

Contact Matt Radulski via email at MattR@schulzelectric.com, or by calling (203) 859-7430 to reserve a spot. Class size is limited.