Motor Repair

Many times, it is more economical to repair or rewind than to replace your motors and generators. We will inspect and advise you as to what is your most cost effective option. All repairs and rewinds are delivered back to you in better than new condition backed by our repair warranty. Our facilities are equipped to handle repairs, rewinds and overhauls in-house to 40 ton/8000hp.

There are key items to consider before sending motors for repair. We welcome you to take our motor repair quiz and let the answers speak for themselves.  Our quiz challenges you to compare us to our competitors by providing 10 key questions to ask your motor repair partner. You can download it on our news page. 

Testing Services

The Schulz Group offers a wide variety of testing to ensure that your motor or generator will exceed your performance expectations.

  • AC Testing to 13,800 volts/DC Testing to 800 volts
  • Dynamometer testing: AC horizontal to 1500hp/1000hp vertical
  • Core loss testing, conventional or utilizing digital EL CID
  • Data Acquisition systems including the ADRE system by Bently-Nevada
  • Hipot, surge, and power factor testing of all size motors and generators
  • Switchgear testing and maintenance

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems (VPI)

A motor winding that undergoes VPI is virtually impervious to oil, moisture, and chemical contaminants.

  • VPI provides a 100% solid mass structure that gives you the greatest mechanical strength.
  • A cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation, with the highest level of environmental protection.
  • Used for AC and DC motor stators, armatures, field coils, transformers, and applications such as lifting magnets.

Dynamic Balancing

Proper balancing promotes longer bearing life. Nearly anything that rotates, or is supported in bearings that allow it to rotate, needs balancing to ensure quality performance and equipment reliability. The Schulz Group can provide dynamic balancing to 20,000 lbs.

Laser Alignment

Laser alignment increases operating time of equipment, increases productivity, and decreases down time. Laser alignment, performed by a properly trained technician, provides more accurate alignment than feeler gauges or dial indicators, in less time.

Replacement Coils and Winding

All coils are inspected for fit, finish, electrical soundness and dielectric integrity. Coils are Hi-Pot tested to ensure insulation values and surge tested at 100% of the determined original test voltage.

  • Armature Coils
  • Brake Coils
  • DC Field & Interpole Coils
  • 13,200v available
  • AC Synchronous Field Coils
  • 460v AC to 6000v AC VPI Form >Wound Stator Coils
  • Specialty Control Coils

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